Centrally situated in Lund lies one of Sweden’s oldest track and field arenas and here, in a pastoral environment, is the home of IFK Lund, the track and field club of the city. We have members of all ages, from 7-year old children to 90-year old veterans.

During the winter we have our own indoor hall with all facilities.

We are proud of our membership which includes many participants in major championships like the Olympic Games, World Championships and European championships, and also of our well-educated coaches and trainers.

Nevertheless, we are a club with focus on the future and with great visions, in particular for our centennial anniversary in five years’ time. Every year in May we arrange a city race, Lundaloppet (6000 participants this year), which gives us a decent economic basis for our activities. We are therefore in the process of expanding and developing all our activities.

If you are interested in track and field and want to train with us, you can make contact by filling in the form at the boottom of this page, or by calling us at 211 8430 (afternoons) or by simply coming in to our office and say hello (address; Trollebergsvägen 26, on the arena ground). We have a number of training groups where you would probably fit in, or we could arrange new ones when we have mapped out the interest.

Or perhaps you have some coaching experience and want to keep in contact with track and field in that way? In any case, you are very welcome to contact us!

IFK Lund
046-211 8430
Trollebergsvägen 26
222 29 Lund